Ana Cvetkovic enrolled Phd, Doctoral Studies in October 2019 at the Faculty of Music, Belgrade in the class of Russian soprano Prof. Ljudmila Gross for chamber music - Kunst Lied.

Ana Cvetkovic will start the Season 2019/2020 in Osijek, Croatian National Theater as Sylva Varescu from Kálmán's Die Csardásfürstin

Premiere – 8th of November
November – 11th, 13th
January ’20 – 14th

Scientific Conference dedicated to Serbian contemporary poet Momcilo Nastasijevic

“Zehn Gedichte meines Bruders”
poem by Momcilo Nastasijevic, 
Composed by Svetomir Nastasijevic

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano
Ivana Milutinovic – piano

University of Arts – Belgrade
23 Nov. ’19.

200 years since the birth of Clara Schumann - A woman ahead of her time

Clara Schumann Op. 12

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano
Rastko Spasojcevic – piano

Galery ArtGet, Cultural Centre Belgrade
8 pm
13 Sep. ’19.

Early music festival - Belgrade

Ana Cvetkovic and Belgrade Baroque Ensemble on Early Music Festival in Belgrade on 08.06.2019 at The Saint Peter Church at 20h 

Telemann Cantate

Ach, Nott, wenn Gottes Hand
Ach, ewiges Wort in Herz und Munde
Was zeigen freches Höllekinder

TWV  1:30
TWV  1:9
TWV  1:533a

Night of Museum - Backa Topola

Baroque Concert – Georg Philipp Telemann
Ana Cvetkovic with Belgrade Baroque Ansamble 

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano

Backa Topola museum
18 May ’19.

University Gallery - Kragujevac

Resital ”Le Secret’

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano
Vladimir Stojnic – piano

University Gallery, Slobode 66, Kragujevac
17 May ’19.

Concert hall of Assembly Hall - Belgrade

Resital ”Le Secret’

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano
Vladimir Stojnic – piano

Concert hall of Assembly Hall in Belgrade, Trg Nikole Pasica 6
24 Apr. ’19.

Music School 'Vuk Dragovic' concert hall - Sabac

Resital ”Le Secret’

Ana Cvetkovic – soprano
Vladimir Stojnic – piano

Concert hall of Music School ‘Vuk Dragovic’, Masarikova 35, Sabac
16 Apr. ’19.

Egység concert hall - Novi Sad

‘Teleman for every Day’
Evening of Suits and Cantatas from G. F. Teleman

Belgrade Baroque
Soloist: Ana Cvetkovic
Guest: Meila Tomé Pihler

16 Sep. ’18.

National Theater Belgrade

The First Belgrade singing society
Soloist: Ana Cvetkovic
П.Чесноков- Величит душа моя Господа (My soul doth magnify the Lord)

14 Jan. ’18.

Student Cultural Center Belgrade

Belgrade Baroque Ansamble
Soloist: Ana Cvetkovic

‘Teleman for every Day’
Evening of Suits and Cantatas from G.F.Teleman

Cantata “Ach Not! Wenn Gottes Hand”
Cantata “Was zeigen freche Höllenkinder”
Cantata “Ach, ewigs Wort!”
Soloist – Ana Cvetkovic

Belgrade Baroque Ansamble
Baroque violin: Katarina Popovic, Katarina Aleksic
Baroque viola: Rastko Popovic
Viola da gamba: Srdjan Stanic
Harpsichord: Jovana Topalov
Suits “Martredi”, “Giovedi”, “Sabbato”

14 Dec. ’17.

Church of Saint Sava, Belgrade

The First Belgrade singing society
Conducting by Svetlana Vilic-Morunova
Soloist: Ana Cvetkovic

П. Чесноков-‘Благослови, душе моя, Господа’ Psalom 103, 1916 god.
Г. Свиридов-‘Любовь святая’
С. Рахманинов-‘Tебе поем’

7.30pm – 9pm
05 Sep. ’17.

Opera House Chemnitz

Ana Cvetkovic-Stojnic is jumping in Opera House Chemnitz as
1. Blumenmädchen on 06.05.2017

06 May ’17.

Staatsoperette House - Dresden

Ana Cvetkovic-Stojnic successfully made her Debut in Dresden Staatsoperette House, jumping in as Eurydice from Hoffmann’s ‘Orfeus in der Unterwelt’

19 Mar. ’17.